Drill Bits

We have three drill bit lines

1. V-Groove Bits

2. Endurobits

3 Relton Groo-V Bits


1) V Groove Bits.  Modeled after the world renowned Relton Groo-V bit these new bits bite hard and fast into the hardest porcelain and ceramic - with one key difference - THEY COST HALF AS MUCH!


2. ENDUROBIT PORCELAIN DRILL BITS are Exclusive to Glasslines and simply revolutionary!

They last up to 3 times longer than any bit we have tested (and we have tested ALL the big names!)   Over 30 HOLES in the hardest porcelain we could find.

Save money and time. What else matters. 

Order now!



We also sell Relton's Groo-v Drill bits which power quickly through hard porcelain. These have been the glazing industry preferred choice for many years